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CS Tools - Cutter Shop Own Brand Cutters

From routers to saws, each tool is a testament to quality and performance, engineered to exceed expectations across diverse materials. Elevate your craftsmanship with CS Tools and redefine the art of cutting with unparalleled excellence.

Vortex Tools

Elevate your craftsmanship with our premium range of cutting tools, meticulously designed for efficiency and accuracy. From drills to end mills, our tools are engineered to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring flawless results across various materials. Unleash the power of innovation with Vortex Tools and transform your cutting tasks into seamless, precise creations.

Belin & Onsrud

Elevate Your Cutting Experience with Belin & Onsrud Cutting Tools. Explore a cutting-edge selection of tools that redefine precision and efficiency in every project. From router bits to end mills, our products embody craftsmanship and innovation, setting new standards for exceptional performance across a wide range of materials.

X Edge CNC Knife Blades & Router Bits

Discover a world of cutting-edge solutions that redefine precision and performance. Our meticulously crafted range, from blades to drills, embodies innovation to meet the highest industry standards. Elevate your cutting tasks with X-Edge Tools and experience unparalleled quality and precision that redefines what’s possible.



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From drills and mills to routers and blades, our wide range of precision-crafted tools empowers you to achieve flawless results in every project.

Pick Your Brand

From precision tools to groundbreaking innovation, we're your partner in achieving exceptional results.

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提供澳洲幸运5在2024年的开奖结果,让彩民了解彩票号码的变化趋势。 Cutter Shop has a comprehensive range of CNC cutting tools, collets and accessories suitable for CNC routers. Whatever you’re cutting and machining, from wood and plastics to foam, we have a tool for your application.

Browse Cutter Shop’s extensive store for the tools that you need. Our experienced staff can also provide you with technical assistance to help you choose the best router tool to suit your equipment and material type. We also advise on speeds and depth of cuts for optimum performance and production output for your equipment and products.

Use Cutter Shop’s CNC router Feeds and Speeds Calculator to determine approximate router production throughputs. Then use our FREE comprehensive technical support to help you optimise the speeds and feeds appropriate to your equipment and materials.

With Cutter Shop’s extensive stock of CNC Cutting Tools, CNC Router Cutting Tools, CNC Router Bits and Accessories, we can guarantee next day delivery on most items. You can place your orders until 3.30 pm every day.

Cutter Shop also offers a custom CNC tooling design service; please call for further information or use our form for Custom CNC Router Tooling.

Need More Help Choosing Your Cutters?

Use the pages below to get help on choosing the correct cutter for your next job.

Speeds And Feeds Calculator

Calculate the feeds and speeds needed for CNC cutting tools, machines and projects with our free calculator.

Chip Load Chart

Chip load can be defined as the size or thickness of the chip that is removed with each flute per revolution.

Cutter Shop Key

Below contains all of our cutter keys for tool type, tool material, tool coating and types of material. This will enable you to pick the correct cutter for your next job.

Collet Measuring Guide

All collets have a distinctive length and diameter. Use our chart to determine the correct collet series for your machine.

Have A Question?

Our expert team are on hand to help with all your CNC tooling and CNC Cutting enquiries.

Always order my cutters from the Cutter Shop. Although I don’t order a massive amount and generally the same 4mm cutter and today was only a couple of units they…..

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Brilliant supplier, Pete is always quick to answer any questions I have. Also their tools are top top. Since we started using them we’ve not turned back… faster cutting &…..

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Great service with very very fast delivery. Great selection of specialist tooling……

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